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Astronomes Amateurs du Luxembourg a.s.b.l.

" We bring the Universe to you ! "

Founded in 1971 by a group of enthusiasts and star aficionados, our association is now counting more than 130 members.As a national association we attract hobby astronomers from the whole country to our regular night-sky observations and to the meetings in our club at Dudelange.

A few thousand years ago astronomy started as the study of the motion of celestial bodies and has ever since developed into different specialities such as planetology, astrophysics, cosmology and so on. This diversification reflects itself in the interests of our club members. Some cherish the love for stellar constellations and planets, whereas others prefer deep sky (galaxy, nebula) observation. Although you do not need to have a telescope or binoculars to be an amateur astronomer, many of us can call themselves owner of one of these optical instruments.

Bringing people into contact with astronomy is the main goal of our association. This is why we organise introductory courses in school classes and offer free charge telescope observations to people of all age and background at selected sites in the country.

The sky and the universe concern everyone of us. Aeons ago, generations of stars fused the elements which now form the building blocks of life. Right now we start understanding how our solar system formed, but far away, in the realm of galaxies, an enormous amount of unknown things and exciting questions remain.

The club is composed of members of all ages and of both sexes and is pleased to inform you about all astronomical questions, events and observations! You can e-mail us, join us under the starry sky or visit our club for conferences or workshops. Don't hesitate! There are no previous knowledge or skills required!

Astronomers have visionary thinking: Why not create a national observatory for all people? We have put this vision in our agenda and try to convince politicians and decision-makers alike of the purpose, the objectives and the necessity of such a national observatory.

If you want to know more about this topic or the universe, you can join in and participate in one of the program sessions given on our homepage.

The lectures are in Luxembourgish language!

We bring the universe to you!

Club News

Our library

List of astronomy books available to our members:
by topic : PDF File Download (360KB)
by title : PDF File Download (640KB)
(Special thanks to Pierre Kelsen!)

Observing sessions

We will meet every 1.Saturday each month. Meeting point will be at 8:00 pm on the parking in front of the railway station in Dippach-Gare. From here we will move to the observing place.
Click here for map (370 KB)!

E Buch fir Kanner iwwer d'Astronomie op Lëtzebuergesch vum Jeanny Jungbluth an Nicolas Feierstein!


E Buch fir Kanner iwwer d'Astronomie op Lëtzebuergesch, fir d'Welt vun de Stären op eng lëschteg, amusant a kreativ Manéier kennen ze léieren!
Mat Musek a Gesang, mat klenge Geschichten a mat e puer Basteluleedungen.

19,90 € An de Librairien. D'Buch gëtt géint e Virement op de Kont vu saint-paul luxembourg bei der Spuerkees LU61 0019 1300 6666 4000 ouni Portoskäschten heemgeschéckt. (w.e.g. Titel uginn) Download PDF: hei 129 KB.


Article about AAL in "Le Quotidien" newspaper of Juli 21 2005 - PDF File Download (132KB)

Report of the astronomical videoshow held on March 4 2005 at the Centre Convict by request of the ALUC . Download: Word Doc (in german, 325 kb) here , PDF (in german, 195 KB) here

Where to find us

AAL Clubroom Brill school
100, Rue Norbert Metz
L-3524 Dudelange

Boite postale 1711
L-1017 Luxembourg

CCPL: IBAN LU08 1111 0460 1133 0000 or
BILL: IBAN LU22 0026 1173 2160 0000

Yearly Membership Fee: 15 €

Sunday, 16 Jun 2024
Internet Time: @981
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