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AAL Siege Deich School
Rue du Stade Jos Nosbaum

Adresse Postale:
Boite postale 1711
L-1017 Luxembourg


E-Mail Contacts:

  • Administration:
    • President: Pierre Kelsen ( phone 26360020 ; 18h:00-20h:00)
    • Honorary President: Fernand Emering
    • Secretary: Raymond Reis (Handy : 691 250 545 )
    • Treasurer: Jeanny Jungbluth (Handy : 691 244 217 )
    • Financial auditors: Resi Ley, Karin Kieffer-Demange, Mariette Steinberg
    • Library & Archives: Jeanny Jungbluth
  • Committee members 2018:
    • Nicolas Feierstein (Tel: 369828 )
    • Yanna Di Ronco
    • John Rocks
    • Charel Nockels
    • Jacques Kieffer (Astrophotography)
    • Jean Steinberg (Solarphotography/Telescopes) Handy:621 71 86 88
    • Leon schartz
    • Jo Simon
    • Alexis Decker
    • Joseph Kremer
    • Lucien Grober
  • Specialists:
    • Asteroid Search:Mat Dawson
    • Meteorites/Tektites: Guy Heinen
    • Meteorites: Patrick Helminger
    • Astrophotography/Telescopes: Fernand Emering
    • General Astronomy/Cosmology: Pierre Kelsen
  • Web Team:
    • General Questions:
    • Webmaster/Tech:
    • Webcoordinator/Content: Jean Steinberg

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+ AAL Special Topic Venus Transit
+ ESO Online Digitized Sky Survey
+ Current star chart for Luxembourg from fourmilab/yoursky
+ Westwind ch. - 6000 Weather Links for Europe
+ Bad Astronomy: Misconceptions and Misuses Revealed, from Astrology to the Moon Landing 'Hoax'
+ Asteroid/Comet Connection - Consolidated Risk Tables for objects under recent observation & active risk analysis
+ Mel Bartels' Homepage about Amateur Telescope Making and a lot of interesting links (thx to Hugues Laroche for the link!)
+ 30-Minute Aurora Forecast
+ Linux Astronomy HOWTO - Tips and resources to utilize Linux solutions in the pursuit of Astronomy.
+ Collection of Mars Links

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